By Penny McQuaig

Are congratulations in order for local 32BJ?  I would like to hear from those doormen, handymen, concierges who I am sure are relieved that a strike has been averted.  But I still want to point out that Howard Rothschild, who was negotiating for the realty board was demanding that the workers, who’s average salary is $40,500.00, give back five(5) of their ten(10) sick days and pay 10% of the family health insurance costs.   They also wanted to eliminate pensions for new employees.

In the end, the workers got a 10% increase over 4 years and they get to keep all of their ten(10) sick days.  However, according to Rothschild, $70 million will be saved in health care.  Now in order to save that much in health care, what was taken out of the health care package??

Why should anyone making as little as $40,500.00 give up anything?  Prices are rising for them and profits are rising for the employer. This is the new deliberate culture and we have been convinced that this is the normal order of things. 
Do we continue with this belief or change it to something that works better for us-WE THE PEOPLE? 

18 responses to “SEIU VICTORY FOR LOCAL 32BJ

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  10. Good for the doormen and maint workers…they knew that giving up anything was not an option. They understood that they deserve a decent living wage to ensure their quality of life. Too bad we don’t all know what we deserve.

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