In an article in FORTUNE on may 6, an update was given on how congress (Henry Waxman) proceeded with his inquiry into AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar and Deere.  See link to article. 

In reading the article, I must say that it doesn’t surprise me as to how things were handled.  This is exactly why I stated in my post on March 30, 2010, that we must be vigilant.  We must also learn to read the message that is being sent to us.  What the new Fortune article is telling you is that all of the afore-mentioned companies and Fortune, is that they are seeing and speaking corporate lingo.  The language of business, and it awakens us to the fact that a corporation is amoral(neutral).  It can only speak in the language that creates and protects its monies.  It doesn’t recognize us or our needs until the light is shinning in its window.  Then, and only then, do we become  an issue to be entertained in the press. 

Such is the CORPORATION, this AMORAL ENTITY that we have allowed ourselves to become puppets in their play.  Our suffering has given way to despair.  You and I live in the places that the CEOs don’t see, don’t visit, don’t live.  Their neighbor doesn’t worry about how they will pay for their healthcare.  Their neighbor doesn’t worry about losing their home due to a catastrophic illness.  Nor will they have to see their neighbor in distress because they need a new job after retirement in-order to pay for health care and no one wants to hire someone 55 years old.  

Allowing these faceless entities called CORPORATIONS, to take hold and control our lives was our biggest mistake.  They have done nothing but cause decay, destroyed union and betrayed our exertion towards a more perfect union.  (see the constitution…

As you see the Constitution tells us that this Republic is a Democracy, not a Capitalistic country.  Capitalism is the economic system, not the governing body.  We have acquiesced with Corporate America in its self-serving greed.  In its selfish, insensitive and ultimately malignant takeover of our country.  When we don’t take a stand, we become complicit in our own demise.  We now must stand to modify the healthcare bill and get that universal health care that we give to our congress, our senate and our wealthy CEOs.   They will never have to worry about paying for healthcare(and they make enough to pay for it), and we as workers and taxpayers are making sure they have no worry.  When they don’t have to worry, we shouldn’t have to worry either.  WE NEED TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!!


written by

          Penny McQuaig


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