Dear Fellow Union Members:

If you know anyone who has taken the Verizon IPP/Surplus package, please let them know that this letter is for them. 

I salute you.  I saw you when you got your babies out of bed at 5am to drop them off by 7am so that you could make it to work by 8am.  I want you to know that I understand the days that you sat at the desk working for Verizon when you should have been home securing your families, fixing something your spouse or child asked you to fix or do.  I felt your sadness knowing how you sat at those desks, feeling that you should be home teaching and playing with your child, or soothing that child when they were not feeling well.  I know how it felt to you men and women who sat at the desk when your child had a recital or school play.  I know it wasn’t easy and I know you were stressed.  I remember you sitting there on Christmas day not being able to see your mothers eyes well up with tears over the thoughtful gift her son, her daughter gave her.  I know that you were not in the family picture opening Christmas gifts.   I remember you sitting there on Mother’s day.  I recall hearing you say on the telephone I love you Mom.  I was there Father’s day when you said I made dinner last night.  All I have to do is make the rice and heat up the rest when I get off at 5 o’clock.  I remember the list of things you made last night, from the greens to the casserole, from the ham to the turkey..and the deserts sounded so delicious.  I saw you exhausted from being up until 4am just to prepare everything ahead of time because you had to work on that day.  I saw you so tired that you couldn’t even enjoy what you cooked.  I still remember you running to the store each break and lunch period in order to get all the things that your child needed for the first day of school, Easter, graduation, summer camp or their wedding.    Just for the memories, I salute you.  For you were there when you should have been home in bed  sick.  You were there when the snow was 2, 4, and 6 inches deep.  You were there when the storm came and you worked extra hard because the customer needed service.  For even though I still remain, I have sat there too.  So even though Verizon nor CWA said goodbye, we’ll miss you and thanks for all you gave.  I SALUTE YOU BECAUSE YOU GAVE ALL OF YOU and miss you we will!


Penny McQuaig


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